Enhanced Turbine Module for Rolls-Royce 250-C20/B/F/J Engine

PHOENIX, Ariz., (Aug. 12, 2014) - We have an enhanced turbine module for Rolls-Royce M250-C20 / C20B / C20F / C20J engine just back from rental and is avilable for outright sale, exchange, or rental.  

Turbine Serial Number: CAT-36515
Part Number: 23069745
Total Time: 11,883.5 hrs
Time Since Overhaul: 51.7 hrs
Total Cycles: 16,516
Cycles Since Overhaul: 51

Turbine comes with 8130-3 and associated paperwork. Click here to download (Adobe PDF) 8130-3 form.

For more information on this turbine module or other Rolls-Royce M250 services, please contact our sales department:

Phone +1 (623) 516-8818
Toll Free (USA Only) +1 (866) 349-6834
Email sales@asiservices.com

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all pictures for serial number CAT-36515 turbine module.

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